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About me

(Curiculumn Vitae)


Fullname: Hoàng Ngọc Tuấn Anh
Date of birth: August 22nd 1988
Native place : Buon Ma Thuot, DakLak
Email : ntahoang<at>gmail<dot>com

Career object:
 Become a chief engineer with more knowledge or a leader of a company, working with many partner allover the world.
Working experiences:
 Design small and simply embedded system, based on microcontroller, which communication with computer and do many job…
 Design network topology for buildings
 Set up and run a internet community, which is a fellow-country man forum.
 HCMC university of technology senior student
Foreign language:
 English reading : good
 English wirthing,listening, speaking: intermediate
 Office job: good.
 PC hardware and accessories: good.
 Network configuration and trouble shooting: intermediate
 Embedded system and microcontroller :intermediate
 Programming C, C++, Java, ASM: intermediate
Some hobby:
 Reading book,news about technology ( new design, invent,…), history, poem…
 Listen to music, watching movie, sport, etc….


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